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Angebot: Books I-V [First Edition]

Angebot: Books I-V [First Edition]

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The last 10 complete sets of Becoming's books in their first editions have been assembled as collector's packs / gift sets. The books will eventually be reprinted in the future, but they will be different, so this is the last chance ever to get these books in their first editions. 

Includes limited edition holographic sticker that features artwork from Stelios Ilchuk

I — Technically Man Dwells upon this Earth by Ulysse Carrière
II — Affects & Dreams: A Manual for Becoming by niko mas
III — Where Does A Body Begin? Biology's function in contemporary capitalism by M.Y.B
IV — In the Delirium of the Simulation: Baudrillard Revisited by Achim Szepanski
V — Dialogues on CoreCore and the Contemporary Online Avant Garde by Onty & OMC (eds.)

€50 for the set, equivalent of buy 3 get 2 free.


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