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Becoming Magazine: Issue One by Various Authors

Becoming Magazine: Issue One by Various Authors

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It wouldn’t feel very Becoming if we had just picked a topic and gone with it, and it was important to us to practice the work flow of producing a magazine together. While it was thematically loose, bundles of threads started to form, as if a yet-indistinct theme had started coagulating amongst the chaos. This magazine will take its own course, as we grant more and more editorial and creative freedom to those who choose to participate. 

If anyone was around in 2021 when we released the prototype of Becoming Magazine, one will see a clear connection, but it is also abundantly clear that a lot has changed, we have become better organizers and designers since then. We still believe that this is still in its embryonic stages as a magazine, but as grows, more of you join in and slowly something more mature is forming.

Some of the emergent patterns revolve around cultural memory, with some key interests in language, archiving, and semiotics. There are also darker themes coalescing, with Szepanski’s lamentation of what we can only describe as the Hyperreal Porn Machine, and a contemplation on Suicide from blks.666. k0 made itself into myriad symmetrical demons, and wrote an article about Faces.  


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Suicide
  • Baudrillard and Hyperrealism
  • Nihilistic Orgies
  • Language
  • Archiving
  • Flowering


  • Achim Szepanski
  • niko mas
  • Akira Palais
  • k0
  • blks.666
  • Ubungxenye
  • George Rallis
  • Iara Lee


    • Diana Omnivaga
    • Ayios Loizos
    • 100100
    • Adonis Archontides
    • Andriana Lagoundes
    • Yiannis Zouris
    • Khaled Khalifa


    • 16.5x24cm, 108 pages 
    • ISSN: 2672-8818
    • Released: 1st April 2023
    • Printed and Produced by Becoming in Cyprus
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