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Dialogues on CoreCore & the Contemporary Online Avant-Garde by 0nty & Smith (Eds.) et al.

Dialogues on CoreCore & the Contemporary Online Avant-Garde by 0nty & Smith (Eds.) et al.

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*Dialogues on CoreCore & the Contemporary Online Avant-Garde gathers the work of over forty artists, writers, and philosophers to address the trajectories of the underground avant-garde digital art-world. A variety of topics and visual styles are represented in this anthology, but particular attention is paid to CoreCore, the DIY experimental filmmaking meta-trend which emerged on TikTok in the dusk of 2020. In part an anthology of critical and experimental essays, in part a curatorial artbook, in part a volume of conference proceedings, this text invites the viewer to explore the grassroots conference of a particular cybercultural moment. 

This book follows on from the Proceedings of All Things are Nothing to Us, a Symposium on CoreCore and the Contemporary Online Avant-Garde, held on December 2nd. 2023, at the School of Visual Arts, NYC; organized by 0nty and OnMyComputer (Dylan Smith). The Symposium involved contributions by: Flatline Construct - Persis Bekkering - Louis Morelle - Coincellpro - Dylan Smith - Kali Masoch - John Michael - 0nty - Dylan Cherry - Eddie Hewer - Alice Aster - DansDansRev (Dana Dawud) - Redacted Films - Mason Noel

Features work from:
0nty - Dylan Smith (OnMyComputer) - John-Robin Bold - Bebe_Crotte - Societyiftextwall - Aemmonia - Emonie Fay Chetwin (Xleepyfay) - Alice Aster - Anastasija Pavić - Anastasiia Pishchanska (shelestvetrovki) - Ash Ingram - ChaoticRhizomatic - Crisis Acting - Dana Dawud - Daniel Neeman - Edson Javier Rogil - Hunter Thompson - Joe Iovino (Levels of Nuance) - John DeSousa - John Michael - Jomel - Liam Harding (X._.pulp) - Louis Higgins - Louis Morelle - Maria Puglisi - Mason Noel - Mischa Dols - i0 xen0 - Nicholas Sanchez (Wonderful Cringe) - Nick Vyssotsky - Nikolaos Sakkadakis - Orion Arnold - Persis Bekkering - Redacted Cut - Reed McDonaldson - Rokas Vaičiulis - Rozzlyn Agnes K - Soham Adhikari - Uba - Zoey Solomon - Machine Yearning - Jordi Viader Guerrero - Tommaso Campagna - Kali Masoch

— ISBN: 978-9925-8118-0-9 (print) 
— 220 pages, A5, Full Colour throughout
— Produced by 0nty & Dylan Smith [OnMyComputer] (Editors)
— Materialised and Published by Becoming   

Cited as:
0nty & OMC. et al. (2024) Dialogues on CoreCore & the Contemporary Online Avant-Garde. Nicosia/Berlin: Becoming.

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